The Chimera Project

Powerful, risk-taking and fiercely contemporary, The Chimera Project creates visceral theatre experiences that break down the social veneer between audience and performer. Founded in 1999 by award-winning choreographer Malgorzata Nowacka, The Chimera Project confronts the audience with high-octane physicality, ferocious technique and darkly gritty themes. The choreographic works are immersive and exciting journeys that assault the senses.
The company's performances in Toronto and throughout Canada have earned it critical and audience acclaim and a "cult following" (The Globe and Mail). The immediacy, athleticism and urban themes of the company also resonate strongly with youth. Repeatedly listed nationally as one of the Top Ten Performances of the Year by The Globe and Mail and locally in Toronto's Now Magazine, The Chimera Project has made a distinct mark on the Canadian dance front.
Exploring the paradoxes and underlying tensions of contemporary society, Artistic Director Malgorzata Nowacka's choreography is complex, cinematic, dangerous and beautiful. Her artistic vision drives the company's activities in the creation and performance of cutting-edge dance in theatres, on film and in innovative arts education programs.
Relentless, dark and sexy, The Chimera Project continues to push the boundaries of contemporary dance in Canada.

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  • Cerneacov, Zhenya
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Gledhill, Tyler
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Hampton, Amy
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Nowacka, Malgorzata
    Модерн / Художественный руководитель творческого коллектива
  • Tejpar, Anisa
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Wyatt, Brendan
    Модерн / Dancer