Tero Saarinen Company

The primary aim of Tero Saarinen Company, founded by dancer-choreographer Tero Saarinen in 1996, is to promote a humane worldview and basic human values through the language of dance, while also increasing people’s understanding of their own physicality and its significance for a good life.

Tero Saarinen Company has appeared in nearly 40 countries and its activities include running an international teaching programme. In addition, Saarinen and his team collaborate with other prominent dance groups; Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT1), the Batsheva Dance Company, Lyon Opéra Ballet and the Finnish National Ballet, to name but a few, have featured Saarinen's works in their repertoires.

Choreographer Saarinen is known for his unique movement language that plays with balance, and off-balance. His choreographic style reflects influences ranging from Butoh and martial arts to classical ballet and Western contemporary dance. His works, which have won wide international acclaim, are characteristically total artworks: combinations of unique choreography, strong performers, striking visuals and, often, live music.

The company is in permanent residence at Helsinki’s Alexander Theatre – the former home of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, where Saarinen started his career in the 1980’s. Tero Saarinen Company provides work for 40 - 80 individuals each year, nine of whom have permanent posts. The Company’s operations are supported by Finland’s Ministry of Education and The City of Helsinki.

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  • Halttunen, Satu
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Heikkila, Henrikki
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Knif, Carl
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Koistinen, Saku
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Lansivuori, Sini
    Модерн / Dancer
  • lindfors, Ninu
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Nurmela, Maria
    Классический балет / Dancer
  • Pick, Yuval
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Sistonen, Anu
    Модерн / Хореограф
  • Vienola, Heikki
    Классический балет / Dancer