The Spellbound Dance Company , founded in 1994/1995 and directed by Mauro Astolfi , Represents nowadays one of the Most important expression of the Italian choreography . Concerning the international and cultural offer, the company is Considered One Of The Most Competitive Realities Because of the unmistakable style and the amazing excellence of the dancers. The Spellbound stage, expression of a free style dance made ​​up of a movement to and characterized by a constant Experimentation and always new figures, has enchanted the audience Most of the important festivals in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Belarus , France, USA, Thailand, and it has created a cultural factory, which effectively has Already Become an example and an inspiration for many reference points emergent young choreographers .

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  • Astolti, Mauro
    Модерн / Художественный руководитель творческого коллектива