Pappa Tarahumara

Pappa TARAHUMARA”is a Performing Arts company founded by the director, Hiroshi Koike in 1982.
What makes Pappa TARAHUMARA as distinctive and extraordinary from the other theater companies is their flexibility and synergetic method of their creative process.
They will utilize dance, play, music, and art as to present Theatre arts, and attract many audiences and recognized internationally.
Various talented artists were gathered at Pappa TARAHUMARA to create an extra ordinal production every year.
And every production represents the director’s own perception of the world.
Please keep your eyes on to Pappa TARAHUMARA’s world-wide challenge and their performances.

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  • Araki, Ayako
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Arata, Mao
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Hashimoto, Rei
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Ikeno, Takuya
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Ishihara, Natsumi
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Kikuchi, Rie
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Koike, Hiroshi
    Модерн / Художественный руководитель творческого коллектива
  • Namba, Sae
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Ogawa, Mariko
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Sekiguchi, Makie
    Модерн / Dancer
  • Shirai, Sachiko
    Модерн / Dancer