”Minimi is a dance theatre: their productions are a dialogue between dance and drama. Minimi’s trademarks are humanism, humour and beelines into Finnishness. The group produces physical performances out of what may be dramatic, or on the surface even undramatic, components. This limber little group borrows material both from different genres of dance as well as from the canon of high-brow drama literature.

Minimi’s implicit mission has been to examine Finnish identity, with its agrarian roots and antennae that reach out towards the Western cultural empire, unified by global marketing. Minimi’s productions, however, can never be neatly labelled.

Minimi manages a fine balancing act between the deep and the shallow, never falling flat from the heights nor tripping over the low. The Association of Finnish Theatres chose Minimi as their Theatre of the Year in 2007.”

Eeva Kauppinen
Arts journalist

18th August 2009, in Oulu, Finland

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  • Lahti, Antti
    Классический балет / Художественный руководитель творческого коллектива
  • Puumalainen, Riikka
    Классический балет / Dancer