Capacitor, San Francisco’s interdisciplinary dance company, is renowned for conceptually- rich, bound-breaking performances. Capacitor artists collaborate with members of the scientific community to create mind-expanding, heart-gripping live performance.

From the movement of the human diaphragm to the story of evolution, from the behavior of electricity to genetic manipulation, from the birth of the moon to the cycles of digestion - natural and synthetic processes form the basis for Capacitor’s study of performance. Obsessed with the mechanics of the human body as well as machines that propel the body through space, Capacitor artists have become masters of rigging systems, coutures of wearable sculpture, and engineers of large-scale props designed to stretch the limits of physical poetry.

Capacitor encourages contact with scientific concepts in ways which allow audiences of all ages to see patterns and relationships inherent in nature and the cosmos. Through performance, Capacitor personalizes large, abstract concepts and in doing so, transcends cultural barriers - widening the scope of basic human experience.

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  • Delaplane, Cari
    Классический балет / Dancer
  • Hosoai, Mayuko
    Классический балет / Dancer
  • Mochimaru, Nobutaka
    Классический балет / Dancer