Stellar Alliance performed Special Day Party “Dnevninka”

Stellar Alliance are holding DNEVNINKA event and are inviting you to use this chance of a lifetime to go to the North Pole!

On the 10th of October in the Sokol Artists village we held our unusual party – a DNEVNINKA. A special group of people, some of them famous scientists, explorers, businessmen, and representatives of the media came to show their support of the new DNEVNINKA project – expedition to the North Pole.

We plan to be at the North Pole on the 12th of April, on the day the first man Uri Gagarin flew into space. Our expedition has a mission – to attract attention to the fact that there is a need to nurture the new Russian youth. Teenagers of 15-16 years old will take part in this expedition, who will become the youngest people in the world to ski to the North Pole. Their mission is to raise funds for the talented underprivileged Russian children to get education in the best schools in the world. The airstrip and the ice station Barneo will be erected within 7 days walking distance from the North Pole. For the first time a sleep over will be organized at the North Pole. The Earth geomagnetic field is weakened at the Poles, therefore the human body, brain in particular, function there in a different way. We want to experience that!

Why Stellar Alliance?

Stellar Alliance actively promotes ballet among the young people and their parents (one chooses the dancing career quite early on in life). Stellar Alliance helps talented youngsters to reach their potential and gives them a chance to dance on the best stages in the world. All the money we raise during the expedition will go to the Russian Talents to the World Fund. Before us no one has played football on the North Pole or spent the night there with such a large group of people. The Guinness Book of Records is interested in our project, so there is a chance that you will make history!

The patron of the expedition is Johan Ernst Nielsen – the famous Swedish explorer. You will go in the company of legendary people. Matvei Shparo is one of the two people who reached the North Pole in winter during the Polar night (they have been entered in the Guinness Book of Records).

Do you think you will have another chance like that?

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