Nakata Yutaka


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Japan-born Yutaka Nakata trained in classical dance at the Nakata Ballet Theater School in Himeji at a very young age. When he was 17, he joined the National Theater Ballet School in Australia where he was introduced to a variety of dance forms. Following this training, he attended the La Scala Ballet School in Milan, obtaining his diploma in modern dance in 2001. From 2002 to 2007 he danced at the Balletttheater München under the direction of Philip Taylor, notably in choreographies by Philip Taylor, Jirí Kylián and Carolyn Carlson. Nakata uses the techniques of Tai Chi and Muay Thai learned from his training at the Ajan Lao martial arts school in Munich. A dancer in the Carolyn Carlson company since September 2007, he performs in Li, Hidden and eau.

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