Sekiguchi Yumi


Classical Ballet / Dancer

At the age of five and started ballet at the Ballet Institute Masako Kawakami.

In 1992, school classrooms Miyakibaree Kasumigaseki (Kyoko Ito ballet studio at present) and admitted to be studied with Kyoko Ito. Participated in performances organized by Japan Ballet Association since 1998, Saitama block, \"Swan Lake\" all acts, 2000, \"Les Sylphides\", 2001 \"Paquita,\" to appear in. The 2001 is also sponsored by Association of Ballet \"An Evening of Ballet joint\" work of Kanto Branch, \"Raymonda\" and others appeared at the park are choreographed again Kyoko Ito, \"Paquita,\" choreographed by Masako Arai \"Crystal Symphony\", choreographed by Shizue Oiwa \"The Door \"You appeared.

2002 block of 15th anniversary concert fantasy ballet, Saitama Institute ballet \"Don Quixote\" in all acts of the three-act solo, danced the second variation. Later in the fantasy ballet \"Sleeping Beauty\" excerpt is accurate lira, \"Giselle\" in Miruta, Kazuyuki Futami choreographed \"Dancing Spirit\" \"Don Quixote\" gypsy dance.

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