Miyamoto Yuki

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Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born in Tokyo. Studied at the Tokyo Ballet School at age 16 in 2001, he joined the Tokyo Ballet. That same year, the Tokyo Ballet \\\"Don Quixote\\\" make a debut with. Utilizing favorable qualities, is expanding role in the delicate dance 持Chi合Waseta and flexibility.
2004 \\\"The Miraculous\\\" China\\\'s premiere appearance in Tokyo Ballet \\\"Don Quixote\\\" in bullfighters, gypsies dance. 2005, \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" servant of Carabosse in the Waltz of the Flowers, soloists Mazurka, \\\"M\\\" Waltz, \\\"Theme and Variations,\\\" a solo dance. In 2006, \\\"Swan Lake\\\" has been picked up other Padotorowa in Marahofu version \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" fairy knight with us in the next concert tour in 22, \\\"Phoenix\\\" a partisan danced. 07 \\\"White Suite\\\" is chosen to Presto. In 2008, \\\"Giselle\\\" has been picked up Padoyuitto. Overseas tour was in the 23rd \\\"court music and dance,\\\" which first appeared. 2009 \\\"Petrushka,\\\" four men \\\"Miraculous\\\" China Girl, \\\"TomTom\\\" first danced the Adagio as well, \\\"Rumi\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet Premiere, Makarova version \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" The Tokyo Ballet fakir six premiere, Padakushion, \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" is a French dance. 10 years, \\\"La Sylphide\\\" in the first pas de deux dance The \\\"White Shadow\\\" appeared in world premiere. Followed by \\\"Sylvia\\\" Ballet Premiere in Tokyo Faun, use the summer, \\\"Zakabuki\\\" 勘平 in and danced for the first time the two variations. \\\"Onegin\\\" appeared in the ballet premiered in Tokyo and 24 overseas tour following the \\\"Rite of Spring\\\" Sacrifice, \\\"Greek Dance\\\" for the first time the young people danced. \\\"Petrushka,\\\" four men danced.
In addition, \\\"Swan Lake\\\" In addition to classic works such as \\\"Bolero,\\\" \\\"Greek Dance\\\" \\\"color of the season,\\\" \\\"Spring and Fall,\\\" \\\"Symphony in D\\\" \\\"Etude,\\\" \\\"Seven months 寄Seru Haiku, \\\"appeared like.
February 11 \\\"Dancing In The Mirror\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiered in April, \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" bronze, Padakushion, June \\\"Swan Lake\\\" and danced Padotorowa . Mon 7 \\\"White Shadow,\\\" \\\"Before Night Falls,\\\" the second movement, in August, \\\"Giselle\\\" Padoyuitto dance in October, \\\"White Suite\\\" Presto \\\" Rite of Spring \\\"as well as Sacrifice,\\\" Perfect Conception, \\\"\\\" Bolero \\\"is dancing.


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