Molinari Yari


Contemporary dance / Dancer

He graduated 8 th year at the National Academy of Dance in Rome in 2005, he studied classical technique with Z. Prebil, S. Rizza, A. Pace and contemporary technique with E. Palmieri and S. Brugnolini, and participates in the shows the AND in the classical repertoire and contemporary choreography, working among others with Adriana Boriello and Ricky Bonavita. During the training stage with the following addition of B. Racinskaja and D. Verga.

In 2003 he won the Don Lurio Dance Scholarship .
In 2004, the interpreter of the choreography by A. Bonavita, who won the third prize for choreography in the V and. the 2004 International Competition Serge Lifar in Kiev in Ukraine.

In 2005/06 the company works with Danzaprospettiva Vittorio Biagi.
In 2007/08 working in the Musical The Divine Comedy, the Opera, the man who seeks love.

Since 2004 he has worked with the company Excursus.

Dance Company in the production of Excursus
Extasis Anxi &

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