Carmo Xavier


Classical Ballet / Coryphee

Date and Place of Birth:
Born in Lisbon on May 23, 1978.
Training in Dance:
He began his studies in dance at age 10 at the School of Dance National Dance Company. It was later admitted to the School of Dance Conservatory at 13 years of age, where they came to graduate as a professional dancer in 1996.
Primary Teachers:
Their teachers were Vera Ribeiro da Silva, Eliza Worm, Philip Bentley, George Garcia, Jorge Salavisa, Guilherme Dias, Christina Grace, Cristina Pereira, Margarida Bettencourt, among others. At the National Conservatory, also had the opportunity to work with choreographers like Olga Roriz, Rui Pinto, Barbara Grigg, Paula Pinto and Ludger Lamers. Also danced as a soloist in school productions: La Fille Mal gardee, \"Raymonda,\" \"Ball of the Cadets\" and \"Sleeping Beauty\".

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