Misiuro Wojciech

Permalink: http://www.balletbase.com/Wojciech-Misiuro

Classical Ballet / Choreographer

A graduate of pantomime study programme at the Henryk Tomaszewski Pantomime Theatre. In Gdańsk he worked under the lead of Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak.

In 1987 he founded Teatr Ekspresja in Gdynia (Poland) together with a group of sportspeople. This theatre was a result of a search for a new language of movement expression, connecting sports, pantomime, theatre and ballet. Body theatre, dynamic stillness (as Jarzynówna-Sobczak called it), the expressiveness of standstill, repetitions, inversions – are just a couple of phrases trying to define this borderline form that Teatr Ekspresja created. The theatre existed for 14 years and produced 9 premieres, among others: Dead can dance (1988), Dantończycy (1989), City of men (1994), Passion (1995), Cantata (1997) and Tango (1999). In 1995, the Channel 2 of Polish TV he produced, in cooperation with Jolanta Ptaszyńska, his own film – De Aegypto – an Egyptian opera.

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