Aouni Walid


Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

Walid Aouni is the founder and director of the Cairo Opera House\'s Modern Dance Theatre Group and he can look back at over 20 years of success in the world of dance theatre

Featured in more than 1,200 articles and interviews, Aouni is characterised as one of the most controversial directors and choreographers, forever seeking the unusual and enigmatic, forever turning the expected into the unexpected. Although many of his interpretations are shrouded in mystery they are never devoid of genuine feelings. His career began in Brussels where he founded the Tanit Dance Theatre in 1980. His first performance dealt with philosopher Gobran Khalil Gobran, followed by his own interpretation of such varied concepts as Sigmund Freud\'s ideas, or classic works like Romeo & Juliet. Other productions were Correspondents, Flashback, Number 9, Raba\'a El-Adaweya, Souf, Republic of ISME and The Second Day of Hiroshima

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