Carpino Vincenzo


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Vincenzo Carpino was born in Fortaleza (Brazil) March 18, 1990. He attended the school of dance \"Arabesque\" directed by Annamaria of Maio in Caserta. Between 2000 and 2008 he studied and perfected so many teachers with world-renowned and internationally. As for the Ballet has studied with: A. Maio, L. Alexandrescu, I. Kistyakova, B. Ratchinskaja, O. Gonzales, A. Molin, P. Moret, S. Fenisia Villani, G. Menicucci, C. Mucci, U. Ranieri, B. Vida, F. Grossi, D. Ganio, E. Terabust, A. Stepkine. M. Trayanova, P. Hammers. For the Modern and Contemporary Dance has studied with S. Oddi, B. Goodson, R. Fontana, A. De La Roche, E. Buratti, A. Cannistrà M. Volpini, F. Monteverde, M. Sungani, S. Murakami, D. Ezralow. In July 2008 she took part in the competition in Palinuro (Salerno): \"Palinuro Dance Festival Edition III\" and won a scholarship that allows him to go to study with internationally renowned teachers in Chianciano \"Chianciano dance studio.\" From April to December 2009 is engaged in the corps de ballet of the Teatro Massimo of Palermo for the ballet repertoire of \"Romeo and Juliet\" Luciano Cannito first choreography for the ballet footage and Sleeping Beauty choreographed by Irina Kolpakova then. It is an established member of Ballet in Rome in 2010, playing the lead role in the production \"Othello\" by F. Monteverde.

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