Vassileva Vesela


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Vesela Emilova Vassileva, born in Rousse, Bulgaria

1994-1999: National School of Arts \"Professor Veselin Stoyanov\", Rousse: studied classical ballet with the ballet master Chavdar Hristov.
1999-2002: National School of Dance Art, Sofia: with the ballet mistresses Fanny Cherneva and Kalina Bogoeva;
She participated in the school concerts in Rousse and in Sofia, and in the performances of the Ballet Rousse.
She attended the seminars of the Ballet Academy of Kalina Bogoeva and the International Ballet Academy in Varna;
2003 - present - she joined as a ballerina the Opera & Philharmonic Society Rousse;
2004-2007: She taught at the National School of Arts \"Professor Vesselin Stoyanov\", Rouse;
2002-2004: She danced with the troupe of Jeannette Jacquet \"Classical Ballet of Paris\" on tour around Europe;

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