Tonova Vesa


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Her talent was appreciated as early as when she was a student with the State School of Choreography, from which she graduated in 1989. She was a pupil of the prima-ballerina Emilia Dragostinova. From 1989 she joined the cast of the National Ballet Company. She performed the leading parts in \"Romeo and Juliet\", \"Giselle\", \"The Nutcracker\", \"The Sleeping Beauty\", \"Cinderella\", \"Swan Lake\", etc. At the International Contest in Jackson, US, in 1986, she ranked fourth. She was twice conferred the Prize for Achievemt of a junior ballet couple, with Vladimir Roger as a partner, at the International Ballet Competition in Varna (1986, 1988), with the Prize for Partnership and the Prize for Performance of Modern Choreography from the International Ballet Contest in Varna (1990), finalist at the competitions in Osaka (1988) and Moscow (1989).

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