Montoya Vanesa Garcia-Ribala


Classical Ballet / Soloist / Soloist

Vanesa Garcia-Ribala Montoya performed in Duende, Coming Together, Arenal, L\'Amoroso, Jardí Tancat, Rassemblement, Na\'Floresta, Alone for a Second, Por Vos Muero, Concierto de Madrigal (Nacho Duato), Inside (Chevy Muraday), Passing Birds (Amaury Lebrun), Romeo and Juliet (Bertrand D\'At), Swan Lake (Bertrand D\'At), Last Piece by Anybody (Jo Stromgren), Dance, Chamber Suite (Lucinda Childs), L\'Art de la Fugue (David Bombana), Ondine (David Nixon), Désert d\'amour (Dominique Bagouet), Frisking (Wim Vandekeybus), Romeo and Juliet (Jean-Christophe Maillot), The Nutcracker (Fernand Nault), Polyphonia (Christopher Wheeldon), TooT (Didy Veldman), Noces and The Rite of Spring (Stijn Celis), Kaleidoscope (Peter Quanz), Rubies and Episodes (George Balanchine), Six Dances and Forgotten Land (Jiří Kylián), RE-,II (Shen Wei), Four Seasons and Cantata (Mauro Bigonzetti), Arbos, Danz and Minus One (Ohad Naharin), The Queen of Spades (Kim Brandstrup), and Sleeping Beauty (Mats Ek), among others.

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