Ivgi Uri

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Classical Ballet / Choreographer

From 1990 - 1997 Uri Ivgi danced with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel; Johan Greben danced from 1985 - 1995 with The National Ballet in The Netherlands. After this they both started apart from each other a successful career as choreographer.
In 1998 Ivgi won the price for Apprentice Choreographic Talent from the Ministry of Culture in Israel. Greben won the incentive prize 1989 of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst. Both won also different prices in choreographing competitions in their inland and abroad.

In 2002 was their first cooperation. They made a new version of ‘Carmen’ on invitation of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet in Hungary. This piece was presented with a lot of success on different international festivals. After 2002 Ivgi & Greben created new work for It Dansa in Spain, National Theatre Ballet in the Chech Republic, Scottish Dance Theatre, Skânes Dansteater (both in Sweden), Scapino Ballet Rotterdam an Tanzkompanie theater St. Gallen in Switzerland . The work of Ivgi & Greben is often described as passions, theatrical en physical.

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