Dobashi Tomu


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Team next Iwaki, studied with Kyoko. At the age of three and started ballet at the Ballet de Lecourt Iwaki.

2007 Grand Prix in Japan, Award, Scholarship Award.

In 2008, participated in the Summer School of the North Carolina School Of The Arts. # 3 Prix du Japon in the same year, scholarship awards and the Hungarian National Ballet School, to study for two years. In school, Imuredoja, Tamasusorimoshi guidance from them in school performance, \"The Nutcracker\" Harekin one-act, Act II soloist in Russia, \"Carmina Burana\" appeared.

In the 2009 Prix du Japon, Special Jury Award.

2010, the graduation performance in the Hungarian State Opera, \"Tarantella\", \"Raymonda\" and Grandpa dancing duct Sion. Graduated from the ballet school year.

NBA team joined the ballet in 2011

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