Walker Teena

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Contemporary dance / Dancer / Dancer

Teena Walker grew up in Courtenay, British Columbia. Soon after graduating from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, she began apprenticing with Kaeja d’Dance in 1996 and became a company member in 1997. Teena has performed with Kaeja d’Dance at several Toronto venues as well as in London (England), the US, and Sweden. Through Conduit Dance Projects she performed works by Sonja Biernath, Murray Darroch, Sharron Moore and Julia Sasso. Teena has also had the opportunity to work independently with choreographers such as David Duclos, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja, Cathy Gordon Marsh, Learie McNicolls and Roger Sinha. Teena toured with the Kaeja d\'Dance performance of Resistance in spring 2002.

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