Harada Takako

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Begin at the ballet studio ballet at age three from Kumamoto.

Japan Junior Ballet, after a short-term study GOH Ballet School of Canada, Chikako Tanaka Ballet belong to. Chikako Tanaka, Tanaka studied with Ruri, a number of competitions to compete in the ballet.

2002, entrance to the Academy of Music Showa, Sakiko Arai, Kim Dibitto_Makkashi, Varukaruseru studied with Carlos. \"Candy\", \"Paquita\" and dance soloist.

In 2004, after graduating from the same college and joined the team joined the NBA Ballet. After joining the \"Coppelia\", \"Nutcracker\", \"I had people dancing,\" \"Swan Lake\", \"Don Quixote\" Dancing With Cupid. Others to participate in overseas performances.

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