Gordiievska Svitlana

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Group with solo Svitlana Gordiievska comes from Odessa in the Ukraine, where she was awarded from 2001 2006 at the National Ballet School her first ballet lessons. Subsequently, she studied at the Ukrainian Academy of Dance in Kiev. In 2010 she received a scholarship from the Dance Foundation Birgit Keil and studied for a year at the Academy of Dance in Mannheim. Svitlana Gordiievska 2006 the silver medal won at the ballet competition \"Odski perlinki\", 2010 at Tanzolymp Berlin bronze medal and an award from the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers for outstanding Development in the category of Young Artists. Since the season 2011/2012 is Svitlana Gordiievska newly hired at the State Theater in Karlsruhe.

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