Sugawara Suiko


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Three years starting from the classical ballet. Join The Ballet Studio Coast in 1991 and studied with Yoko Kishi.

Matsuyama Ballet School and joined the school in 1995 and studied with Tetsutaro Shimizu, Yoko Morishita. Matsuyama Ballet \"Nutcracker\" about children, \"The Japan Ballet21\" to appear and so on.

Competition prize in 2002, eight lumbar Itabashi, Saitama Dance Competition 3rd place Award.

The team joined the NBA Ballet in 2003, is currently working as a positive team.

\"The Nutcracker,\" \"Coppelia,\" \"Esmeralda,\" \"Giselle,\" \"Swan Lake\", \"Shopiniana\", \"pause cavalry,\" choreographed by Mr. North Florida Ballet.Todd Eric Allen \"DIMENSIONS\", etc.. Other performances also appeared in China.

2010 \"The Nutcracker\" at the whole act, dance spirit of confetti.

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