Fossat Stephen


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Fossat Stephen was born in Pinerolo in 1982 and began his academic studies at the age of 13 years at the national academy of the New Theatre in Turin. He studied at that time, with Maria Eugenia Reyes, Daniela Chinini, Ramona de Saa, Niurka De Saa, Maria Elena Fernandez, Antonio Della Monica, Joseph Fontano, Max Moon, Joan Bosiok. At the age of seventeen he was invited to study at the ballet school of La Scala Theatre Wing, where he graduated he studied with Annamaria Prina, Biagio Tambone, Leonid Nikonov, Amelia Colombini, Loretta Alexandrescu, Frederic Olivieri, Paul Podini, Emanuela Tagliavia, Francesca Pedroni, Alexandre Stepkine, Roberto Fascilla. Just graduated enters the body of the prestigious \"National Ballet of Cuba,\" directed by Alicia Alonso in Havana. He then returned to Milan at the Ballet of the Teatro Alla Scala. Stop this experience only for a short period to work at the Royal Ballet in London at the invitation of Loipe Arrau. Work with some of the most renowned choreographers in the dance world, such as Alicia Alonso, Roland Petit, Fedy Franzutti, Maurice Bejart, Jiri Kilian, Joseph Fontano, Angelin Preljocaj, Francillon fins. Fossat has won several national and international competitions among these include the International Competition of Perugia, to Vignale Dance and the International Competition in Rieti. Then collaborated with the Europen Thersicore Company of London with the company Fabula Saltica of Rovigo and is a principal dancer of Teather Vorpommern, directed by Ralf Dornen, the German city of Greifsvald.

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