Schroeder Silvana


Contemporary dance / Artistic Director

- Born on 29.01.1969 in Finsterwalde

- 8-year dance training at the Palucca school professor at Dresden Palucca, Prof. Hanne Karin Wandtke and Sandner

- 1986 first collaboration with Ruth Berghaus at the opening of the Semper Opera Dresden

- 1989 start of the part-time training as a choreographer at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and directed by \"Ernst Busch\" in Berlin with Prof. Dietmar Seyffert (choreography), Prof. Peter Jarchow (music) and Prof. Reiner Werner (Medicine)

- 1994 Choreography completed studies in Berlin with Prof. Dietmar Seyffert with honors thesis \"inconsequential detail ...\"

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