Capa Sergio


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Joined Ballet Manila in June 2005

Full-Length Shows: The Nutcracker, Pinocchio, Don Quixote, La Bayadere, Romeo and Juliet, Tatlong Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang, The Swan, The Fairy and the Princess, Alamat: Si Sibol at Si Gunaw

Divertissement: Arnis, Sayaw Sa Pamlang, Ballet Blanc, Ecole, Valse Classique, Enchanted Garden, Reconfigured, “Maynila” ni Juan, Less Sylphides

Other Shows: Lahi, Sayaw Pinoy, Munting Anghel, Hi-Skul Musikahan, Paskong Pinoy, Lisa @ 25, Paskong Pista, Pistang Pinoy

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