Calixto Samir


Classical Ballet / Dancer / Dancer

Before embracing the dance career he followed other paths on performing arts. At the early age of 14 he was already involved with theatre groups as a performer, touring around his country, while his interest in other art fields grew due his contact with inspiring figures crossing his way. At the age of 17 he got his professional status as an actor. In a later stage, on the search for a deeper understand of his skills, he received his education in different art disciplines. These studies included drama at EAD (Dramatic Art School) at São Paulo University and classical singing at the Conservatory of São Paulo City. In the dance field, he gained much of his education as an autodidact, exploring different techniques in smaller studios around, supported by many great artists along his way. In 1999 he won the first prize at Nascente/ Abril Festival with the dance solo Eros.

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