Takahashi Ryuta

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Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born in Tokyo. Spent six years as a gymnast in high school, and college theater department proceeded to be interested in the physical expression. Acting, ballet, jazz dance, Japanese dance, learn how to represent such a wide range of Kyogen.

\\\"Greek Dance\\\"
photo: Kiyonori Hasegawa In 1993, the Tokyo Ballet \\\"Zakabuki\\\" \\\"M\\\" shocked look strong, aspiring to be studied in earnest groove menial Akira ballet. In April 1994, joined the Tokyo Ballet. Year, \\\"Swan Lake\\\" make a debut at. Since then, \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" mazurka, and Balanchine choreographed \\\"Crystal Palace\\\" Soloist of the third movement of \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" and China\\\'s Nutcracker, choreographed by Kilian, \\\"Symphony in D\\\" and dancing. Lifar choreographed in 1997, \\\"White Suite\\\" was selected in Presto. In addition, choreographed by Bejart \\\"Phoenix\\\", \\\"Rite of Spring,\\\" \\\"Petrushka,\\\" \\\"The Miraculous China\\\", choreographed by Balanchine, \\\"Crystal Palace\\\", \\\"Variations and Themes\\\", choreographed Burasuka \\\"tom tom\\\", choreographed by Alonso \\\"Carmen\\\" appeared.
South America during the 1998 tour \\\"Zakabuki\\\" and in with the first challenge, enjoy a good reputation and theatrical dance that exploit the movement of charged agile gymnastics. Deutsche Oper Berlin in 1999 Bejart choreographed \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" has been picked up at the park Bim. Choreography in a studio in Tokyo Ballet Performance 2002 \\\"Moderato Breeze\\\", the same year Ginza theater \\\"Koncert Esperanza\\\", and again in 2003 in a studio performance \\\"International Underground\\\" (visual works) announced. \\\"2004 Zakabuki\\\" In sponsoring the companion, the European tour that year, \\\"Greek Dance\\\" for the first time the young people danced. May 2005 \\\"A Midsummer Night\\\'s Dream\\\" at the Tokyo premiere ballet danced to the bottom. 2006 Bejart choreographed by \\\"Petrushka\\\" Three Shadows \\\"Daughter of the Danube,\\\" premiered in Tokyo Ballet, Béjart choreographed \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" danced and Bim. 2007, \\\"Don Quixote\\\" for the first time play Sancho Panza. In 2008, Bejart choreographed \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" is danced again in Bim. 2009, \\\"Seven Haiku 寄Seru the Moon\\\" appeared on the other, a special program 12th World Ballet Festival \\\"Don Quixote,\\\" Sancho Panza in \\\"Rumi\\\" premiered appeared on other Tokyo Ballet, Makarova version \\\" Rabayaderu \\\"premiere Magudaveya Tokyo Ballet,\\\" Nutcracker \\\"played like clowns. 10 years, \\\"Sylvia\\\" made of wood at the Tokyo premiere of Ballet, dancing the slaves, \\\"Onegin\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiere. Also \\\"Petrushka\\\" shadows danced three.
February 11 \\\"Dancing in the Mirror\\\" and \\\"Five Preludes for Cello,\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiered in April, \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" Magudaveya played. Mika Yoshioka and earthquake reconstruction assistance are invited to tour East with the theater group was held in Maurice Bejart Ballet Lausanne Beaulieu in June, \\\"Five Preludes for Cello\\\" danced. October \\\"Perfect Conception\\\" danced for the first time as well, \\\"Five Preludes for Cello\\\" is dancing again.

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