Bernadet Robin


Classical Ballet / Dancer

ROBIN BERNADET trained in Toulouse and at l’Opera de Paris and Princess Grace Academy in Monte Carlo. Bernadet has also been engaged with Scottish Ballet English National Ballet and The Royal Swedish Ballet. Bernadets classical and modern repertoire includes pieces by John Neumeier, Bigonzetti, Robert North and Mark Baldwin.
Bernadet joined the Peter Schaufuss Ballet in 2000 and has danced in many of the performances of the Peter Schaufuss Ballet, including THE KING, DIANA – THE PRINCESS, CHARLES THE PRINCE, H.C. ANDERSEN and THE MAN WHO WISHED FOR A SEAVIEW. Bernadet has danced the role of Horatio in HAMLET, the role as Rifki in MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, Carelis in KERMESSEN I BRÜGGE – THE THREE GIFTS, Martin in THE NIGHTWATCH. Bernadet has danced soloist roles in TCHAIKOVSKY TRILOGY, SHE LOVES YOU, SATISFACTION, MICHAEL – I’M BAD. Bernadet danced the male lead role role in the Judy Garland section of THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE. He also starred in The West End Production of DIVAS, SATISFACTION and MARILYN. Bernadet created the role of Elia Kazan in MARILYN.

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