Tanaka Rina

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Started ballet at age 3,佳津子Okamoto, Yumi, etc. Esaki studied.
Inoue joined the ballet in 2004. Inoue Ballet in Concert \"The Nutcracker\" Waltz of the flowers, reed dance, \"Swan Lake\" Padotorowa of Napolitana, \"Naples\" Padoshisu of \"The Sleeping Beauty \"Princess was shown the blue birds, Padokatoru,\" Flower Festival in Jentsano \"Padodou dance and has worked as a soloist.
Young Ballet Festival in the \"Garden of Dreams\" principal, \"Paquita\" Padotorowa of \"Graduation Ball,\" Sharon\'s motion, fouette competition, he was soloist in An Evening of Ballet National Joint Japan Ballet Association. Federation of Classical Ballet Setagaya \"third act\" Swan Lake Odile danced in the show.
In December 2007 concert, \"The Nutcracker\" danced the spirit of the candy.
In April 2008, sending the Royal Danish Ballet training.

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