Lehtopolku Riku

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Riku Lehtopolku is from Vanha-Ulvila. He has studied piano at the Palmgren Conservatory. Significant dance teachers for Riku include: Maj-Lis Rajala, Mirja-Liisa Herhi. Aleksander Kikinov, William Spencer, Alan Danielsson, Marjo Kuusela, Marja Terästö, Taina Schorin, Pattie Obey and Liisa Nojonen. Riku Lehtopolku has taken part in the European Young Dancer competition and was a finalist in the Stora Daldansen i Moran. He has won several Finnish championships and diplomas in dance competitions. His own choreography, ”Silence around”, was a work for 3 dancers from PDC He added to his dance studies summer courses at the Kuopio Dance and Music Festival and courses from the Liisa Nojonen Dance School with the following choreographers: Juha Lampi, Ilkka Lampi, Andrzej Ziemski. Tero Saarinen, Frank Chaves, Tommi Kitti and Marcus Galanti. Riku has danced leading roles in the following ballet and dance works: Sleeping Beauty, Snow Queen, Snow White and Rose Red, Brain Storm and Seinäkukat and has danced significant roles in the works of Jorma Uotinen, Marjo Kuusela, Liisa Risu, Frank Chaves, Petri Kauppinen, Tero Saarinen, Pattie Obey, Liisa Nojonen, Ray Tadio and William Spencer. Riku has performed with PDC Pori Dance Company on tour in Finland and has represented Finland since 1997 in the dance festivals of South-Korea, Kuopio, Holland, St. Petersburg, Germany and Scotland.

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