Occhilupo Riccardo

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Occhilupo Richard was born in Jersey (LE) in 1987. He began his training at the school, \"Dance and Research\" in Lecce studying Vaganova technique, modern and contemporary dance with the senior teacher of the Russian Ballet Society of Edinburgh Leah Preite. Participate in the Professional Training Course in the Department of Classical and simultaneously at the Balletto di Toscana in Florence under the direction of Cristina Bozzolini. Teachers: C. Bozzolini, L. Geppi, E. Scigliano, B. Bair, A. Bigonzetti, and contemporary dance with teachers: E. Buratti, A. Benedetti, M. Merola, R. Sartori, D. Losi. Wins the following prizes: Future Talent Award in International Competition \"Città di Salerno\" (2005); Scholarships at the Balletto di Toscana and Renato Greek Dance Company (2006); Italiano Scholarship at the National Ballet School. He began his professional experience in the Junior Balletto di Toscana. Takes part in the production of Daniele Cipriani Entertainment in ballet: \"I want to be free\" with the M & M company directed and choreographed by Michele Merola. It is an established member of BdR from 2010.

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