Arismendi Renato


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Trained by Maria Elena scarecrow in his native Chile, he danced for the Chilean National Ballet from 1980 onwards under Nora Arriagada. He was a member of the Ballet de Santiago de Chile under Ivan Navy, later Imre Dorsa, dancing with ballet greats such as Marcia Haydee, Richard Cragun, Natalia Makarova and Fernando Bujon. In 1990 he joined Ballet as a soloist in Augsburg, and later worked, also as a soloist, under the direction of Philip Taylor in Munich. From 2001 to 2007 he was active as guest ballet master all over the world. Following an invitation by Eric Gauthier he joined theater in Stuttgart in 2007, where he has looked after choreographies by Eric Gauthier, Mauro Bigonzetti, Alejandro Cerrudo, William Forsythe, Itzik Galili, Jiri Kylian, Paul Lightfoot & Sol León, Hans van Manen, Christian Spuck Philip Taylor, among others. In addition to his work for he shares his professional Gauthier Dance experience as a coach for the classical repertoire with principal dancers like Mikhail and Iana Salenko Kaniskin (Berlin Ballet) or Marijn Rademaker and Alicia Amatriain (Stuttgart Ballet). For Amatriain he created La Muerte del Cisne (The Dying Swan), based on Mikhail Fokine\'s classic.

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