King Rebecca


Classical Ballet / Corps de ballet

Company B, Rum and Coke (Taylor)
Square Dance (Balanchine)
Concerto Barocco (Balanchine)
Rubies (Balanchine)
Golden Section (Tharp)
NIGHTSPOT (created for Miami City Ballet by Twyla Tharp in 2008)
Symphony in 3 Movements (Balanchine)
The Four Temperamants, Melancholic (Balanchine)
Ballet Imperial (Balanchine)
Serenade (Balanchine)
Symphony in C (Balanchine)
Divertimento No. 15 (Balanchine)
La Valse (Balanchine)
Who Cares? (Balanchine)
Western Symphony (Balanchine)
Giselle (Petipa)
Don Quixote (Minkus)
Swan Lake Act II (Balanchine)

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