Palutkiewicz Radosław


Классический балет / Dancer

A graduate of the Feliks Parnell Ballet High School in Łodź. After graduation he danced as a coryphaeus at the Wrocław Opera. Between 2000 and 2002 he worked with Gastspiel Theaterdirektion Gerhartz, dancing in the production Fire of dance as well as in the musical Mamma Mia. Later he took part in Jarosław Stańko’s project Opentaniec in Teatr Muzyczny in Gdynia. He was also a dancer of the Capitol Music Theatre in Wrocław.

Ever since January 2008 he has been a soloist of the Baltic Dance Theatre and dances solo parts in Eurasia, 4&4, Romeo and Juliet, Tango life, Tamashii (Men’s Dance), Chopinart and OUT.

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  • Baltic Dance Theater