Andujar Pilar


Classical Ballet / Choreographer

has a degree in ballet from the Conservatorio de Alicante in Spain as well as a degree in Spanish dance from the Royal Conservatory in Madrid. She has studied Classical Spanish dance with Paco Romero and Aida Gomez and flamenco with Ciro, Maria Magdalena and Belen Maya. She has worked with The Companies of Luis Ortega, Luisillo and Blanca del Rey and Antonio Gades. She has choreographed for the National Classical Theater and for Companies in Japan, Latvia and Moscow. She has been a finalist in the Flamenco and Spanish Dance Competition in Madrid for two different choreographies. Recent choreographies for Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana include Palillos y Pies and the 25th Anniversary production of Carmen: El Baile.

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