Lecours Pierre

Permalink: http://www.balletbase.com/Pierre-Lecours

Contemporary dance / Dancer

After studying visual art, Pierre Lecours shifted his focus to dance, graduating from LADMMI in 1999.

He has since performed mainly with La Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault (L’Exil-L’Oubli and Joe), Cas Public (Incarnation, Nous n’irons plus aux bois and Courage mon amour), Whatwhatiwhat (Between/within), Le carré des Lombes (Play it again) and O Vertigo (Étude #3 pour cordes et poulies). He marked his return to Cas Public in August 2007. As a choreographer, Pierre has created some 13 works over the past 10 years, and his works have been presented in Montreal, Québec City, Lennoxville and Baie St-Paul.

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