Peabody Peggy


Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

Ballet Petit\'s Artistic Director Peggy Peabody has been involved with ballet for most of her life. At the age of seven, she chose to focus on classical ballet under the watchful eye of her first teacher, Trisha Kaye. Peggy added to her performance experiences at the Regional Festivals of Dance, Lido Ballet School productions, and Oakland Metropolitan Ballet Company\'s annual productions of The Nutcracker.

These experiences lead to many special honors, including dancing the lead role of Clara in the 10th Anniversary production of OMBC\'s The Nutcracker in 1970. In 1972, Violette Verdy of the New York City Ballet granted Peggy the prestigious Ford Foundation Scholarship. Two years later, Peggy began studying at the San Francisco Ballet School year round. As a high school senior in 1977, she began teaching ballet to preschool children two days a week.

In 1983, Peggy opened her first ballet school in Newark, CA with 24 students. Over the years, Ballet Petit moved to a larger facility in Fremont, then moved back to Newark, and finally in 2003, opened the largest facility to date in Hayward. Today, Ballet Petit\'s enrollment is well over 250 students — boys, girls, children, and adults alike.

Peggy\'s philosophy is simply that ballet is an art form for everyone to access and appreciate. Ballet Petit\'s foundation and culture are based on this belief. Ballet Petit has survived pressures to turn ballet into sport and competition. Peggy has enjoyed 31 years of producing The Nutcracker. As the longest running Nutcracker performance in the East Bay, dancers and audiences have had the opportunity to enjoy this heartwarming holiday ballet written for children — and at Ballet Petit — performed by children.

Peggy earned a Liberal Arts degree from Holy N

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