Dmitrichenko Pavel


Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Ballet Academy (class I. Uksusnikov) in 2002 and joined the Bolshoi Ballet.

He has received degree at Institute of Russian Theatre (class M. Lavrovsky) in 2005.

Diploma at International Ballet Competition in Rome 2004

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  • Bolshoi Ballet


  • Leah
    by A. Ratmansky 2001
  • The Golden Age
    by Y. Grigorovich 1982
  • Les Presages
    by L. Massine 1933
  • Raymonda
    by Y. Grigorovich 1984
  • Russian Seasons
    by A. Ratmansky 2006
  • Spartacus
    by Y. Grigorovich 1968
  • Romeo and Juliet
    by Y. Grigorovich 1978