Mangiola Paolo


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Paolo Mangiola was born in 1978 in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, studying dance from a very young age. In 1997 he moved to Milan, Spain, where he won a scholarship at the School of Art, Milan, under the direction of Susanna Beltrami. There he trained in classical ballet, Cunningham technique and improvisational dance theatre. On completing his studies in 2001, Paolo joined the company Aterballetto, under the direction of Mauro Bigonzetti. He stayed there for 4 years, dancing repertory by the likes of Mauro Bigonzetti, William Forsythe, Jacopo Godani, Fabrizio Monteverde as well as choreographing his own work, which took part in the 'red festival 2005'. In September 2005 Paolo moved to Germany and joined the Tanztheater-Nurnberg, under the direction of Daniela Kurz, staying there for 3 years and dancing in works by choreographers Daniela Kurz, Rui Horta, Jorma Elo, Andres Gringras and Stjein Cellis. In January 2008 Paolo created his own piece for the company which took part in the 'next generation' programme.

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