Sizykh Olga


Classical Ballet / Principal

Olga graduated from the Natalia Nesterova Institute of Choreography in 2002 and Natalia Nesterova Academy of Dance. After graduation has joined Russian National Ballet Company. Since 2004 - member of the Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet Company.

Lauriate of the International Ballet Competition Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland, 2001

Lauriate of the Vienna International Ballet Competition, Austria, 2007

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  • Russian National Ballet
  • Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet


  • In the Forest
    by N. Duato 1990
  • Don Quixote
    by A. Gorskiy, M. Petipa
  • Por Vos Muero
    by Nacho Duato 1996
  • Slice to Sharp
    by J. Elo 2006
  • The Stone Flower
    by Y. Grigorovich 1957
  • Napoli
    by A. Bournonville 1842
  • Pas de Quatre
    by J. Perrot 1845
  • Illusive Ball
    by D. Bryantsev 1995
  • La Fille mal Gardee
    by O. Vinogradov 1971
  • The Seagull
    by J. Neumeier 2002