Pong Noel

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Contemporary dance / Dancer / Dancer

Noel Pong graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with First Class Honours in modern dance and joined CCDC in 1997. Rainy Days and Mondays..., her choreographic work for CCDC, was invited to rerun in the 3rd Guangdong Modern Dance Festival and Dance Trinity in the Hong Kong Dance Festival 2006. She was commissioned by Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival to produce a dance video based on Rainy Days and Mondays... in 2008. Other choreographic works include A Walk on the Cloud (2006), He Loves and She Loves (2007) and Crime Scene (2009). The latter was invited to rerun in the 6th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival and was selected by South China Morning Post as one of the \"Best Dances\" in 2009.

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