Touzien Nicole

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Nicole Touzien, a Florida native, recently relocated to the Phoenix area after receiving her M.F.A. degree in Dance at Texas Woman\\\'s University. In 2005, she received her B.F.A. in Dance Performance and Choreography and journalism minor with highest honors from Columbia College in South Carolina. She currently teaches at Glendale Community College as an adjunct Dance Instructor. While in Texas, she served as the Soma Fitness Studio Coordinator, Production Coordinator, and Online Teaching Assistant for the Department of Dance at TWU. Nicole has worked with the Kinetic Artists Collective, a network of independent choreographers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area; DanceWorks, a DFW community outreach-based company; Ghost Town Arts Collective, a network of independent visual, print, and performing artists in the DFW area; and South Carolina-based companies such as Sapphire Moon Dance Company, the Power Company, Columbia Classical Ballet Company, and Djoliba Don African Drumming and Dancing Ensemble. Nicole’s artistic interests include the exploration of non-traditional performance spaces and the continuum of performance and observation.

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