Cuba Nacional de


Classical Ballet / Dancer / Dancer

Through the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Alicia and Fernando Alonso have created a uniquely Cuban style of dance. They foster a strong choreographic movement with works that rank among the most significant achievements of contemporary choreography, transforming the traditional repertoire. Earning worldwide acclaim, the Ballet Nacional de Cuba has performed in over 60 countries and received hundreds of international awards, and Cuban-trained dancers are now marquee names in top ballet companies throughout the world. The excellent training and individual coaching the dancers receive from the dedicated teachers at the famed ballet school have established the solid classical foundation that makes them the world-class dancers they are today. Under the leadership of the renowned Alicia Alonso who at age 88 is still at the helm of the Ballet Nacional, it ranks as one of the great ballet companies in the world today.
Co-Presented with the City of Kelowna and the Kelowna Community Theatre

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