Iida Munetaka

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Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

Since he joined The Tokyo Ballet in 1980, Munetaka Iida has danced roles of wide variety. In 1983 he danced Maurice Béjart's "CHANT DU COMPAGNON ERRANT", with Shiro Mizoshita, moving the audience with profoundness and subtle expression.

In 1984 he was chosen for the leading role of "PLAY BACH", and his vigorous dancing received accolades from its choreographer, Claude Bessy. In Béjart's "THE KABUKI," he danced the two major roles 'Sadakuro' and 'Morono' for which he was highly acclaimed. The role 'Sadakuro' was imagined and created by Béjart with special attachment to Iida's character.

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