Messner Mimi


Contemporary dance / Dancer

began her Ballet training at the age of seven, and continued later with Jazz and Modern Dance. 1994 - scholarship at the Gus Giordano School of Dance in Chicago. She studied Germansitics and Sport at the Humboldt Universitiy in Berlin. Among others she danced with the JAZZETTS, the \\\"Ernst Busch\\\" - Academy for Acting Berlin, the Audio Group, the MM Dancers, Les Lionnes Feuerartistik, phase 7 Art Production and the Berliner Philharmoniker. Took various workshops and courses in the Netherlands, Japan and the USA. Since 1996 she\\\'s been working as a freelancer dancer and choreographer in Berlin. In February 2004 she founded together with Clint Lutes the \\\"LUCKY TRIMMER\\\" dance-performance series in Tacheles / Berlin, which they produced together for two years.

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  • Dance Company of the Gerhart Hauptmann-Theatre Görlitz-Zittau