Tsurumi Mihoko

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Yano started ballet under the green, he joined Ballet ballet school after Inoue Inoue.
 Concert organizers and local parks such as key members of the Inoue Ballet, appeared in leading roles for all performances. \"The Nutcracker\" made ​​of candy, the Snow Queen, \"\" Swan Lake Padotorowa of swans, and \"Sleeping Beauty\" made ​​a lyre of the princess was attracted to Blue Bird \"Giselle\" Miruta of \"Padoshisu from Naples,\" Teresina in \"Coppelia\" in prayer, \"Padokatoru\" The ground, \"Variashion\" Dayde of Barudan like dancing. In addition to classical ballet, contemporary dance and also appeared numerous court dance. Inoue Ballet School and fashion shows as well as numerous studio recitals, lectures, and has also worked on the choreography for the opera.
 Dispatch training in April 1997, the Royal Swedish Ballet.
 Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Arts

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