Tanaka Midori

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Begin the ballet was born in Tokyo, at the age of seven.

Met (Bolshoi Ballet school teacher yuan), to learn modern methods and character for seven years Vaganova Ms. Emma pre-~YaーNichini fear of visiting Japan in 1982.
Also learn teaching methods of Ms. Vaganova method from 1894.
Of pre-choreographed by Ms. Emma ~YaーNichini fear Pioneru palace at the Bolshoi in 1986/87
under the guidance of Mr. Bondarenko play a major role as a partner in Mr. Sergeev Highlights \"Prince Igor\".
The other main work starring, there is a \"Raymonda,\" \"Sleeping Beauty\" \"\" Coppelia \"\" Don Quixote The Nutcracker \"\" Swan Lake \"Giselle\", highlight the work \"\".

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