Kim Mi-hyun


Classical Ballet / Coryphee

She joined the Company in 2002. While she was attending Yewon School, she went to the United States to study at the Professional Children’s School. After graduation, she attended Steps with Alvin Ailey. Back in Korea, she entered Sangmyung University in 1998 and graduated in 2002. After becoming a guest dancer of the Universal Ballet in1998, she participated in the Universal Ballet’s tour in Europe, appearing in Swan Lake, Giselle and Shim Chong. In 2001, she also performed in Almaty in 2001. She first appeared in the Company’s performance in 2001 when she danced as a guest dancer (the Waltz of the Snow and the Waltz of the Flowers) in The Nutcracker choreographed by Yury Grigorovich. She then played the roles of the Wilis and Giselle’s friend in Giselle and she was also cast as the Neapolitan dancer and one of the 24 swans in Swan Lake.

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